It is the aim of the Guild to eventually incorporate as many of those interested in dancing and/or playing music for dancing as will join its numbers. Dancing members are known as Silver Rondels and musician members as Silver Semibreves. The Guild is in no way exclusive, nor does it claim to hold franchise in dance oriented activities within the Kingdom.

The prime objective shall be to further dance in Lochac; to be achieved through avenues ranging from the direction of competitions to the propagation of information relevant to the art.

ARTICLE II – Standards

(a) Fields

All members of the Guild shall, at the time of their admission as a companion, be able to competently perform, or competently perform music for, a specific example typical of each of the following dance types. Members who have been admitted on the basis of their ability in either dance or play dance music may request recognition in the other field as well, if they are able to meet the Guild’s standards in that field.

  • Basse Dance
  • Pavanne
  • Galliard/Tourdion
  • Allemande
  • Bransle (as a set of at least three such dances)
  • Country Dance
  • Any other dance indicative of a style not already given.

Within the above context, competence may be determined by any member of the Guild (except for the purpose of Article IV (c) – Exceptions).

Within the above context, competence may be determined by any member of the Guild who has been admitted to the Guild in the same field – dancing members for dance, musician members for music (except for the purpose of Article IV (c) Exceptions).

(a) Competence

In the field of dance competence is defined as the ability to perform the dance correctly and confidently, without prompting.
In the field of music competence is defined as the ability to perform well, confidently and at an appropriate tempo, a line of the piece that is usable by dancers.

ARTICLE III – Meetings

(a) Scheduling

Having the need to consider applicants and administrative matters, regular meetings of the Guild shall be convened during any year.

Meetings of the Guild may be held at Kingdom events, at the Bal d’Argent, or at such times as are required by its members.

(b) Attendance

Attendance at any meeting shall not be compulsory. There shall be a requirement that at least three members be present to conduct the business of the Guild at such meetings.

ARTICLE IV – Admissions

(a) Procedure

Recommendations for admission to the Guild may only be considered at meetings conforming to the requirements of Article III and the membership present includes at least one person, hereafter to be referred to as an Appropriate Member, who has been admitted to the Guild in the same field. At such time, nominations to the Guild shall be endorsed or refused in accordance with the ruling of the membership present.

(b) Requirements

Before the endorsement of a nomination, the members (present) must be satisfied that the standards of the Guild have been met.

This requirement may be satisfied in either of the following ways:

  • A direct performance, witnessed by the membership (present) of the dances, or their appropriate music, mentioned in Article II, where at least one of the members present has been admitted in the same field.
  • The personal affirmation of an existing member who has been admitted in the same field that the nominee can perform the dances, or the music of the dances, mentioned in Article II.

(c) Exceptions

At any time, if a doubt is held about a candidate’s abilities, a member present at a meeting may call for the direct performance of any or all of the required dances or pieces of music.

If the nominee is not present, any member present may request confirmation of the candidate’s ability by an additional companion of the Guild who has been admitted in the same field.

In either case, should the additional requirements be satisfied, a majority decision of those present shall endorse the relevant nomination.

(d) Membership Token

At the time of admission, the new member of the Guild shall be presented with their symbol of the Guild. For Silver Rondels the token is a silver ring suspended from blue and red ribbon. For Silver Semibreves it is a silver ring suspended from a red and white ribbon. The token should be presented in court when appropriate.

Members who have been admitted in both areas may wear either both tokens or a single silver ring suspended from a blue, red and white ribbon.

ARTICLE V – Amendments

(a) Notification

This charter may be amended by the consent of a majority of current members and the approval of the King and Queen of Lochac.

Any proposed amendments shall be made in writing in Pegasus; after having been discussed and carried at a recognised meeting. This notice should be issued as soon as possible, and a contact address provided in the relevant issue.

The membership shall have until the first day of the second month following the issue of the notice (that is the month of the issue concerned) to comment on the proposed amendment(s), after which time it will be reviewed and passed.

(b) Incorporation

In commenting on amendments, members should affirm or rebut each of the proposed changes.

When the time given above has passed, any amendments receiving a majority affirmation by members shall be written into the Charter. These passed amendments must then be printed in their entirety in the next available issue of Pegasus. |