The Silver Serif is the prize of the Guild of the Silver Rondel. It is awarded each year to the winner of the guild dance competition at the Bal d’Argent.

To enter the competition you must be a member of the guild.

The competition is judged by three judges, who each hand out a red and a blue ribbon at the end of each dance. The blue ribbon is for the most technically correct dancer, the red ribbon is for the most appealing and stylish dancer.

There are usually 3 dances in the competition, although sometimes there are 4.

The dancer with the most ribbons at the end of the competition is the winner.

In recent years a separate competition has also been held for the best group, with a single dance to decide the winning group.

The guild also hosts a competition to select the best dancer who is not a guild member at the Bal d’Argent, with a single dance being used to judge this.

Competition Winners

We are trying to put together a list of winners of the Silver Serif and other dance competitions.

If you can offer any clues or corrections for this list then please contact the guild secretary with the information.

Bal Silver Serif Group Serif Non-Rondel Silver Semibreve
2016, Ildhafn Amoroso, Voltate in Ça Rosina, Parson’s Farewell
William de Cameron and Enith verch Gwylim in a tie
Rufty Tufty
Sympkyn of the Moor, Enith verch Gwylim, William de Cameron and Katherine of Glastonbury
Maltese Bransle
Adrian of Ildhafn
Elizabeth Braithwayte, Elena Harper and Juliana Morosini
2010, Rowany Joyessance vous donnerai, Prenes en gres, La fia Guielmina/L’altria Fia Guielmina Picking of sticks Saltarello la Regina Ballo del Fiore
2009, Krae Glas Alliette Delecourt & Will de Witte, in a tie Del and others???
2007, Cairn Fell Johanna of the Beachwoods
2006, Southron Gaard Leofgar of Southron Gaard Thurstan, Yolande, Sonya, James
2005, KWDS in Rowany Lynette & Gwommy Anpurpaidh The Group from Eldermere
2004, Aneala Catherine de Arc The College of St Basil the Great and Friend
2003, St Monica Hrolfr Hreggvitharsson
2002, St Malachy Sybille la Chatte The Group from Rowany & maybe a Friend
2001, No Bal Held N/A N/A N/A
2000, St Florian de la Riviere Mathilde Adycote Politarchopolis Advanced Dance Interpretation Collective
1999, Rowany Eleanor Lyttelhayles
1998, Stormhold Kenrick Robillard
1997, Politarchopolis Eleanor Lyttelhayles
1996, Dismal Fogs
1995, Mordenvale Richard de la Croix
1994, Rowany Eleanor Lyttelhayles and Morwynna Branwent
1993, Stormhold Raoul de Chenonceaux and Miriam Galbraith
1992, Politarchopolis Morag Ameridith ?? (and ??)
1991, Llyn Arien
1990, Rowany?? Alarice Beatrix von Thal??
1989, ??
1988, Politarchopolis Katherine Ayshford