Rowany Festival 2016 Dance Programme

The Rondels have BIG PLANS for dancing at Rowany Festival in 2016. This post is a place holder for the current state of those plans, and is NOT final, nor should you expect it to accurately reflect the actual Festival schedule.

The initial list is based on discussions held at the Rondel meeting in June 2015, with some additions from email list discussions. Suggestions and proposals for improvement are welcome!

We need people to volunteer to coordinate each of these proposed activities. Please use the contact form or email the Lochac dance list if you’re interested! Plenty of help is likely to be available if you don’t want to be the sole coordinator, and Festival is the sort of event where people from different parts of the Kingdom can team up.

Proposed Timeslot Activity Venue Requirements Volunteer Coordinator(s)
Friday Morning Assorted Classes

  • Beginner-level dance classes at the very least.
  • Other levels or music classes could run in parallel.
  • English country dance in particular.
  • A musician or two would probably be welcome at each dance class: learn the same dance!
If dancer/musician coordination doesn’t work out, then classes will need access to electricity.  
Friday Afternoon Musician’s Gathering Under cover  
Friday Night 8 PM -> Exhaustion Country Ball

Not formal, beginners welcome; dances will be taught and/or called. (We need volunteer callers)

Full dance band of musicians needed. Dance list and music selections hopefully to be available a few weeks before Festival.

Large space. If the weather is fine, then on the green with torches would be fun, but if it’s soggy (or even just damp) we’re going to need the Great Hall.  
Saturday Afternoon

Possible dance performance at Laurel Prize Tourney?

Children’s/Family dance classes.

Sunday Morning Assorted Classes

  • Advanced/Intermediate.
  • Other levels or music classes could run in parallel.
  • Italian Renaissance dance in particular.
Possible access to electricity.  
Sunday 2PM -> 3 PM Children’s Ball

  • Not formal, kept deliberately short.
  • Beginners, small children and families welcome; dances will be taught (We need volunteer teachers)
  • Needs a dance band.
Great Hall.  
Sunday 3PM -> 5PM Caroso Ball

  • Traditional format; more formal than the other two balls.
  • Focus on Italian dances.
  • Dances may be called, but won’t be taught.
  • Spectators, performers welcome
  • We need a dance band
Great Hall. Decorated (can be done before the Children’s Ball) and catered as far as drinks and a few nibbles (volunteers needed!)  
Monday sometime Rondel Meeting

  • For anyone interested in dance and dance music.
  • More of a discussion than actual Guild business.

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